Lawrence Land

Providing land clearing, brush control, grading and beyond
for Williamson County, TN and surrounding areas.

Who We Are

Lawrence Land Management, LLC serves all of Williamson County and surrounding areas. LLM offers Brush Control, Land Clearing, Grading, Property Cleanups and so much more.

We always offer no obligation, on-site quotes. This allows us to see your project goals first hand and assist with a plan to help your vision come to life. From the initial phone call to the end of the project, you can rest assured that LLM will deliver the highest quality of work and great communication from start to finish.

LLM is fully licensed and insured


Land Clearing

Unwanted trees can quickly turn a property into an unmanageable jungle. From clearing the trunk all the way down to removing the root ball, we are capable of providing comprehensive services based on your level of need. LLM uses a process that preserves the integrity of your property and ensures your project will be done on-time and well.

Brush Control

Overgrown brush, bushes, hedges, and the like can all contribute to an unsightly property. LLM can not only efficiently clear these things, but also trim and groom them down to a manageable, more appealing state.


LLM has the equipment and expertise to provide high-quality grading services for your property, so that you can focus on development and landscaping. We can take your uneven surfaces and turn them into the perfect, level canvas needed for any development plans you have in store.

Preventative Maintenance

Depending on your situation, land management needs can often continue on into the future. Lawrence Land Management offers routine, ongoing land management maintenance options designed to keep your property clear of debris and overgrowth for as long as you need it.

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